Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Romney-Paul Alliance...

With the 2012 Republican primary about to explode with 13 contests between just eight days, many theories are circulating around the blogosphere as to why Romney, and Paul are peacefully running against one-another, while they focus their attacks on the latest flavor man challenging Romney for frontrunner.

Some have absolutely no explanation whatsoever; others believe it's a ploy by Paul to have his son considered, or selected, for Vice-President in exchange for delegates, or support at the convention. However, I have a theory that makes political sense for both candidates.

Romney is looking at a strong plurality/weak majority victory in the vein of John McCain in 2008 - where his campaign will immediately have to fire up the base. Now, imagine in August he adds one major line to the Republican platform: auditing the federal reserve and researching an return to hard money is the official GOP monetary policy.

With this substantial political victory, which Paul has been fighting for decades to achieve, he could end the long fight by endorsing Romney - ensuring his supporters back him and the administration's more likely to follow through on the campaign promise to please his son, who wants to be involved, regardless of who the nominee is, in governing.

I also believe Paul wants to keep his message in the campaign as long as possible, and by attacking Santorum on lack of fiscal conservatism, or by not attacking Romney personally on anything, he is successfully achieving that end, while continuing to include his name in the process.

This is just my hunch, but what say you?

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  1. Assuming what you're saying is true, I still will NOT be Voting for Romney.
    Romney shows us no support for Limits on Federal powers as defined within the meaning, scope and language of the US Constitution.