Thursday, February 02, 2012

Romney Leads Nevada Big

HT: Las Vegas Review-Journal

According to the first poll released in Nevada before their caucus on Saturday, Mitt Romney holds a commanding twenty point lead in the Silver State over his closest competitor Newt Gingrich, and an thirty-four point lead over Rick Santorum.

Romney - 45%.
Gingrich - 25%.
Santorum - 11%.
Ron Paul - 9%.
Undecided - 9%.

Romney's base of support is unsurprisingly Mormon voters, who favor him by 85.5%, but he is also leading among Protestant (38.4%) and Catholic (38.3%) voters, while blowing out his 3 competitors with young voters (55.6%). And better for him - this poll was conducted before his blowout Florida victory.

This statewide poll was conducted by the Cannon Survey Center at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and 426 Republicans who said they plan to participate in the caucus were interviewed.

What say you?

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