Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Romney Going Forward

I wont lie. Last night was horrible for Mitt Romney, and my mood was definitely sour as I watched the results stream in from Minnesota and Colorado showing Rick Santorum winning both caucuses with relative ease. In fact, everything sucked last night, even the turnout was pathetic in all three states last night.

However, my solace is this: all three events were absolutely meaningless and non-binding, which gives Santorum media time and a now-solid claim to be Romney's alternative in the battle for the nomination, but no delegates were awarded, which is all that really matters (Romney already has close to 10% of the delegates needed).

Moving forward, Romney is still the front-runner money and organization wise, while Santorum might very well become the first true not-Romney as we head into delegate rich Super Tuesday. We will learn who won Maine's week long caucuses on Saturday and then the race quiets until February 28th, when Arizona and Michigan head to the polls.

Things are only going to get more interesting as we get closer to Super Tuesday.

Stay tuned.

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