Wednesday, February 01, 2012

India Sides With Russia; Against U.S. on Syria

While the Arab League and Western nations are pushing a U.N. Security Council vote to oust Syrian strongman Bashar Assad from power peacefully, Russia - along with China, and India - are defiantly standing against any plan to interfere on the behalf of anti-Assad protesters as the country nears civil war.

Reportedly 10 of 15 Security Council members are onboard with the plan, but both Russia and China have veto power over any proposed resolution, and considering the alliance Moscow has with Syria's government on military matters (arms purchases and naval bases) that veto would definitely be used.

But the real story isn't Russia and China defending human rights abuses in Syria, which they do on a fairly regular basis, but India, who is supposedly allied with the west on democracy and economics, opposing the United States for the second time this week in regards to Middle Eastern instability.

I'm annoyed by this Indian shift towards neutrality/defending hostile nations. It's one thing to be the leader of China and defend somone like Syria, hell it's expected, but India's leader is democratically elected and his country is alligned with the United States on islamic terrorism, yet he keeps sticking his finger into our eye.

Hopefully, Indian opposition to sanctions on India and intervening in Syria are just short lived acts, because I don't know how long were going to tolerate near constant opposition to our foreign policy by one of our allies before we say to hell with them.

What say you?

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