Friday, February 10, 2012

Gulf of America Legislation Introduced

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From the "I couldn't think of something this idiotic if I tried file" - Mississippi Democrat State Senator Steve Holland introduces legislation to rename the Gulf of Mexico the Gulf of America, Hispanic GOP organization cries racism, State Senator admits legislation is to make GOP look bad and I end up here, writing about it.

To settle this once and for all - the large body of water bordering the South Eastern United States and Eastern Mexico should only be referred to as the Gulf of Mexico, as 1. it was named nearly 500 years ago due to it's location in relation to Mexico's large shore-line and 2. Spain controlled the entire Gulf Coast then, so they had the right to name it whatever they wanted.

It would be like the Crimeans renaming the Black Sea after their own people; not going to happen any time soon, nor should it.

Plus - Mississippi, even if they wanted to, could not legally rename an entire body of water. That has to be done by nations under maritime law and international agreements, which is unlikely to happen since Mexico would never allow their name to be removed, and the United States government is not stupid enough to challenge historical fact.

What say you?


  1. You're right on point, Mr. K. It's silly just to rename massive geographical features without cause.

    For more info:

  2. How did I know you were gonna bring up the Arab/Persian Gulf dispute...