Tuesday, January 31, 2012

WH Records: Obama Hosted George Soros Five Times

Then-Senator Barack Obama made a campaign promise to keep lobbyists out of the White House. Multiple times he stated that he wanted to remove their influence from politics. Of course, since then it was discovered that the President had his Administration simply meet with lobbyists right across the street rather than directly in the White House itself.

The White House has released its visitor logs since the President took office in 2009. In looking at the logs, it becomes apparent that the President or his staff has met with billionaire investor and founder of Adbusters (the founder of the Occupy movement) George Soros five different times. This number does not count the President or Administration meeting with Soros outside of the White House.

Three of the meetings took place around the time of the big debate over the stimulus. One of the records showed that Soros met with Larry Summers, who was the President's economic adviser. Reasonably, it must be expected that Soros had at least some influence over the White House's ecnomic plan and stimulus.

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