Friday, January 06, 2012

Uganda Update

The news exploded in October when it was revealed the United States would be sending 100 soldiers to train Ugandan forces in their fight to hunt down and eradicate Joseph Kony and his terrorist organization. No one saw it coming, or really understood why now, but the story has dropped out of everyone's radar.

So whats going on in Uganda?

Well, our soldiers have arrived on ground (their technically in Congo as of last month) and are training our allies to finish off the Lord's Resistance Army, mainly through better information sharing and greater technology to track the terrorists through the jungle and several borders.

And this occuring on the ground while the United Nations and African Union vowed the LRA would be eradicated in 2012 - something every human being should be able to agree with...

All I know is this: if our forces are on the ground assisting the Ugandans, and they have access to better technology now, I'm hopeful we will see the headline - KONY KILLED; LRA DEFEATED - before the year is over, and the sooner the better for the poor people of Uganda, and the bordering countries that have endured his reign of terror for nearly three decades now.

What say you?

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