Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Statistics: Romney In Good Shape to Win Florida

Note: I support Mr. Romney's campaign.

With the Florida Republican primary just six days away, statistics are painting a good picture for Mitt Romney's chances in the Sunshine State, which he finished second in 2008 with over 31% of the vote.

Using 2008's vote totals as a guide, somewhere around, or above two million Republicans will head to the polls next week, but that takes into account 300,000 who have already voted (reportedly a majority voted for Romney), and nearly 200,000 registered Latinos who are heading to the polls (polls indicate 49% favor Romney right now).

This means that Romney (assuming Latinos have not voted heavily in early voting) already has around 250,000 guaranteed votes in his pocket heading into Tuesday. And that's not taking into account the nearly 600,000 folks who could back Romney again from four years ago (which is likely considering Romney has improved in every state from last time around, especially South Carolina).

I know previous elections don't always paint a guide for future ones, but Florida's electorate hasn't had a big shift in four years, and that favors Mitt Romney's very organized, and thus far leading campaign. All that could change with tomorrow's CNN debate, but I have a solid feeling his opponent is helping Mitt with his own idiotic comments more then tomorrow's upteenth go-around will.

Regardless, numbers don't lie and they are favoring Mitt right now.

What say you?