Monday, January 09, 2012

Sami Osmakac Facebook

News has broken in the last hour or so of an arrest related to terror charges. Yugoslav-born Sami Osmakac was allegedly plotting a shooting and bombing in Flordia. Osmakac is an Islamic extremist who 'wanted to die the Islamic way.'

Now, Osmakac is in jail, and people are trying to find out about him. Osmakac was born in the former Yugoslavia, in what is today the country of Kosovo. Kosovo is a majority-Albanian speaking country that is one of the most pro-American on the planet. American intervention in the 1990s to stop genocide has earned many admirers in the Muslim country. However, Osmakac apparently is not one of them.

By looking for a Facebook profile, we see that the potential jihadist does not have one. Usually name recognition allows for some overlap, but no one with his name is connected.

Osmakac is 25 and was arrested in Florida.

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