Monday, January 23, 2012

Romney in 2006: Individual Mandate Not 'Government Takeover'

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has been consistent in his 2012 campaign for President condemning ObamaCare. He calls it an overreach of the federal government and states that he will end it. He has explained his own Massachusetts health care reform bill as a state issue, but that ObamaCare represents an unacceptable "vastly expanded federal control."

But looking back on then-Governor Romney's own website with the Internet Archive, we get a different picture of his thoughts on government control of health care.

According to his April 2006 press release regarding his signing of RomneyCare, the Governor was clear about the role of his new program:

Okay-- so maybe this is just because Romney had to deal with a majority Democratic-controlled legislature, right? And that after he left the Governor's mansion he would never take a similar position? Like not calling for his plan to be used as a model for the country-- especially while running for President.

Fast forward to Romney's first bid for the White House in 2007. His accomplishments on health care and his plan for the country? He definitely wouldn't quote an op-ed he wrote for a major national paper!


Well, at least he's consistent.

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