Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Land of the Free & The Home of the Brave

A video is making it rounds around the internet.  It appears that some marines that are based out of Camp Lejeune are urinating on the dead bodies of Taliban fighters. If this is true and this really is what they did these men need to face military justice.  Standing up and saying that this behavior is unacceptable is not an indication that you are a fan of the Taliban.

Sadly, many are not only justifying this behavior but they are celebrating it.  Some comments that I have seen have gone as far as to say they should have taken a "dump" on them and used the Koran as toilet paper.  They are being celebrated as heroes.

Nothing about this is heroic.  We have the greatest military force on the face of the earth.  One of the reason that we have that is discipline.  Discipline that men follow the orders of their superiors.  Discipline that teaches them about honor and service to our nation. Discipline that gives them the courage to go into a theatre of war.  A type of discipline that so many others in our society are sorely lacking, that the rest of pay high prices in the forms of entitlement programs and crime.

What these marines did was endanger the lives of men and women serving in Afghanistan.  This video will not only be seen by people in the United States. This will be seen all over the world.  It will continue the message that the likes of al Qaeda sends that we are evil, or the Iranian version of the great satan.

America has stood up to tyranny all over the world.  We have freed millions upon millions people from the likes of Hitler and other evil men.  We went toe to toe with the likes of Stalin.  We won the cold war without firing a shot because we stood by our principles.  All life has dignity and everyone deserves the chance to experience freedom.  We scoff at the other leaders of the world who deny their citizens basic human rights.  We set up radio stations around the world to give people hope that one day they would experience the same types of human rights that we espouse. We have people fighting tooth and nail in this country to protect our freedoms that many believe are eroding before our eyes.

There is evil in the world, no one can deny that.  But do we overcome it by doing this?  I believe in American   exceptionalism.  I honor the troops for the service that they provide to our country.  I expect that they live up to that honor.  This is not an American value and should not be tolerated or celebrated.  

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