Thursday, January 19, 2012

Jim Robinson, Founder of Free Republic, Endorses Newt Gingrich

The founder of Free Republic, Jim Robinson, has endorsed Newt Gingrich for President. Free Republic is one of the internet's largest political forums, garnering hundreds of thousands of hits per day. Here is a short excerpt from Mr. Robinson:
I'm officially endorsing Newt Gingrich for president today. Was going to wait until after Florida, but see no reason to delay. We need Newt to win in South Carolina and Florida to stop any possible momentum building up for the establishment big government, statist, abortionist RINO!!

RomneyCare = ObamaCare = government tyranny!! Taxpayer funded abortion is as evil as evil can be!!

Newt is a pro-life Reagan Revolution conservative who led the Republican Revolution of the 90’s, taking the majority away from the democrats who had held it for 40 years. And as Speaker, cut the taxes, cut the government, cut the spending, cut the deficit, cut regulations, cut unemployment, brought the federal budget under control for four years running. And unlike Romney, actually blocked a socialist healthcare system from becoming law. And created a pro-growth, pro-free market, pro-jobs environment and extended the Reagan economy throughout the 90’s!! Newt is the ideal candidate to lead the Tea Party Revolution!!

Newt plans to go to a 15% personal flat tax after deductions and a 12.5% corporate tax and eliminate the capital gains taxes altogether. He wants to privatize social security and medicare and eliminate the payroll tax.

And he wants to neuter the EPA and the Fed. Repeal ObamaCare, Dodd-Frank and Sarbanes-Oxley. Fire all of the czars, dismantle the Marxist state and fire if not jail Bernanke. And send 185 federal socialist welfare programs back to the states and the people, and return education back to local control.

Newt will directly challenge the liberal activist judiciary and end the unconstitutional power grabs of our usurping black robed rulers.
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  1. What the article doesn't mention is that members, for years, of the site are being censored or outright banned for posting any negativity about Newt. Free Republic is a different animal than it used to be, open conservative discussion is not allowed anymore. Support for Santorum, Paul or Romney is immediately met with hateful comments and worse. The atmosphere is quite restricted and its members are being forced to follow a particular train of thought or go elsewhere. One only has to look at the current line of news on the site and you will not a find a single news story about Newt falling behind in the FLA polls in the last couple days.

  2. Anonymous #1 , you make a great point, but there's close to zero logic in the FreeRepublic band anyways. They routinely ignore any stupidity or loss of speech in whatever it is which is commented on by FreeRepublic. All the Freepers care about is the fact that a Mormon, of which Romney is, should never be elected president, and that Mormons would rule the country if elected. Again, I got booted out as an everyday Christian from FreeRepublic for asking the simple question: How is a religion with less than 5 percent of the U.S. population, a small percentage of armed forces membership, and a similarly minute set of representation in Senate and House supposed to revolt and win, I don't agree with the faith of Romney, but at the same time, it's so rediculous that people even believe this garbage that I can ask a question about that they officially beat Mormonism in terms of how rediculous their dogma is about the faith.

    Second, even if I don't like Romney and consider him a RINO, I am going for Santorum, and if Romney is nominated, I would vote for him, but Gingrich is perhaps the one person in the Republican Party that is about as amoral as a politician can get. Even Santorum represents family values better than Gingrich with his one wife, and his children. Even a RINO like Romney has only one wife for forty plus years, that's pretty disappointing if you ask me, but then again, there's not enough logic in Free Republic to even bother explaining that.

  3. Jim Robinson is the worst kind of fake conservative - a hypocrite. Rolls around spewing hate from his MEDICARE provided wheelchair, all while demonizing government provided health care - in other words, he is more than happy to suck at the teat of the taxpayers, he just doesn't want anyone else to.

  4. I’m a Freeper and have been since 2006. I contacted Jim Robinson of Free Republic to ask about this. He is a Navy veteran, he is treated by the VA and has been since a leg amputation, and he purchased his wheelchairs himself before he was on veteran’s care. The wheelchairs were **NOT** paid by Medicare. We may disagree on politics, but let’s agree to get our facts right when we criticize people with whom we disagree.