Thursday, January 19, 2012

Gingrich Pulls Ahead of Romney in South Carolina

The only poll released since the debate on Monday night has Newt ahead in South Carolina.  While the numbers are in the margin of error (32% to 29%) this is significant due to the fact that just days ago Romney was leading by double digits.  

Romney looked like he was going to coast to the republican nomination, but South Carolina has decided not so fast, the voters still have something to say.  

The poll also shows that Rick Santorum and Ron Paul are both losing steam.  Ron Paul has a slight lead 15% to 11%.  Gov. Perry is getting a very sad 3% of the vote, the same number that chose Other Candidate and less than the 7% that has no opinion.  

Where's the fork?  Perry is done.  

This poll was conducted by InsiderAdvantage, who has never been wrong in South Carolina's primaries.  

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