Tuesday, January 31, 2012

France Betrays NATO; Afghanistan

The current framework of NATO operations in Afghanistan is for combat troops to be pulled out in 2014, of course with the exception of special forces and trainers to aid Afghan forces, but our allies residing in Paris decided to throw us a curve-ball: all French combat troops will be out in 2013; not everyone's agreed 2014 deadline.

This is setting alarms in the United States because we are afraid more nations are likely to follow the French and end combat missions before the Afghanistan National Army is ready to take over, before NATO's mission is over, as previously agreed to, and before the enemy is defeated.

As someone who desires victory in Afghanistan more than anything else in the world right now, the betrayal by President Sarkozy stings, especially since his decision is based on political calculations, without considering the security and future of the Afghan people. Then again President Obama has already done the same thing, so nothing new there.

I'm disappointed in the French today and I hope our other European allies don't follow suit and kill this mission before we kill the enemy.

What say you?

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