Friday, January 20, 2012

Can Someone Explain Why The Gov't is Pushing SOPA, but They Still Took Down Mega Upload?

Piracy on the internet is bad.  There is no doubt about that.  However, some members in Congress, including Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, have been pushing SOPA and PIPA so that the government can censor offending sites.  They claim they need the power.

And yet, yesterday the Justice Department took out the file-sharing website Mega Upload and arrested its founders.  The site was pulled and those who supported it were put in handcuffs.  The government was able to do this without SOPA or PIPA.

So, if the government is able to pull such sites... why do they need SOPA or PIPA?  (The question is rhetorical).  Obviously they've just shown that they can follow current laws in order to get rid of pirate sites, which is supposedly why they so desperately needed these new regulations.

The government is trying to over-reach and they already have the power to do what they need to.  SOPA and PIPA are a canard.  There is no doubt about that either.

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