Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Bachmann Drops Out

After her disappointing sixth place finish in Iowa last night, the one time Not-Romney alternative and Ames Straw Poll winner Michele Bachmann suspended her campaign earlier this morning. Bachmann once led Iowa with her brash style of conservatism and her favorite daughter appeal, but she ended up declining due to her below the belt attacks on Perry.

She will return to the House where she will continue to be a thorn in the Republican leadership's side, while working on her re-election campaign in Minnesota, but one thing is uncertain - who will her 5% side with now that she's gone? Especially since her campaign was built up on her being the only true conservative running...

Regardless, Mrs. Bachmann definitely made the race interesting with her in it and now we turn all of our attention to New Hampshire, and who will survive there.

What say you?

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