Thursday, January 05, 2012

And They Say Conservatives are Anti-Science

I have heard many times that conservatives are anti-science.  This is an accusation thrown around mainly in the concept of global warming or climate change, whatever it is being called today.  We are told that the science is "settled".  Well, that really isn't true.  There are scientists who say that it isn't man-made.  So I would say that it isn't settled.  I don't automatically dismiss the idea of it, but I think that before we spend boatloads of money we should be sure.  

I have also been told that homosexuality is a genetic thing.  Sorry, but there is no proof that it is.  It may very well be, but at this point there is no "gay" gene.  From what I have read, the scientific community seems to believe that there are a variety of factors that goes into homosexuality.  
When all of the work being done to understand causes is put together, the question about what causes homosexuality seems best answered as follows. 
First, science does not have a firm answer that everyone in the field of science let alone everyone else can agree on. The origins of homosexuality are still not clearly understood by scientists.
Most researchers agree that homosexuality is multi-causal and complex; many factors contribute to the development of same-sex attraction. Most researchers, including Dr. Dean Hamer, the "gay gene” researcher who is himself a gay man, agree that homosexuality is due to a combination of social, biological, and psychological factors. Dr. Hamer has said, "Genes are hardware…the data of life’s experiences are processed through the sexual software into the circuits of identity. I suspect the sexual software is a mixture of both genes and environment, in much the same way the software of a computer is a mixture of what’s installed at the factory and what’s added by the user (P. Copeland and D. Hammer (1994) The Science of Desire. New York: Simon and Schuster.)”
 So there seems to be choice involved in it.  So I would like to know why teachers in California have decided that they are going to liberate children of gender.  Liberate you from your gender?  Gender isn't a choice.  It is biological.  This is abusive to young children. They are trying to teach them that biology doesn't matter.  The goal according to the union is that children should feel liberated from stereotypes.  So do we dress our little boys in skirts to send them to school?  Where exactly is this going to lead?  This is the slippery slope of liberalism.  We take young children who are in the process of figuring out who they are and where they belong in the world, and we confuse them more than they already are.  We get them questioning who they are and the values that they are being taught at home by their parents, who by the way should be teaching those values.  

Gender is never choice.  It is biological.  There are hormones that are different between males and females, our body parts are different, we have different functions when it comes to reproduction.  Teaching children that is basic science.  Gender is not in your head.  It isn't a state of mind.  You have a penis or you don't.  Even if you decide to have surgery to "change" your gender, it cannot be done without changing your hormones.  Which says that it is biological.  It further proves that it is science.  

We are blurring the lines between males and females and what is the end game here?  It wasn't all that long ago that homosexuality was considered a mental illness.  That all changed when people started to "normalize" it.  While some may think that I am going a bridge too far with this comparison but I truly believe this is just another step in trying to normalize pedophilia the same way that they normalized homosexuality.  

If you are the parent of young children in the public school system in California you need to stand up to this nonsense.  The school system has no right to "liberate" your child of their God-given gender.  This is just one more way that the far left is interfering with the parent child relationship and pushing an agenda that is detrimental to the core family unit in this country.  It must be stopped.  

The only real cure to this is to get a movement going to get more conservatives involved in the school systems, the unions, and the school boards.  We should be teaching our children how to think critically, not that their gender is a state of mind.  

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