Monday, December 19, 2011

Paul Takes Lead in Iowa

Public Policy Polling's brand new survey of Iowans is likely to stir panic in conservative ranks, as the five-way split between the conservative caucus goers has allowed libertarian Ron Paul to surge to first.

Paul - 23%
Romney - 20%
Gingrich - 14%
Perry - 10%
Bachmann - 10%
Santorum - 10%
Huntsman - 4%

The results should worry Republican strategists for two reasons: one, 25% of caucus goers believe Mr. Romney has the best chance to defeat Obama next November, but he's still stuck at 20% and two, Paul has momentum with just two weeks to go - they need all hands on deck to sway this caucus quickly.

Romney should stop kissing New Hampshire's ass and immediately head to Iowa for the next 2 weeks, because he has the best chance of anyone to defeat Paul, due to his highest non-Paul standing and his well known electability factor, not to mention he almost won Iowa four years ago and his personal life story of social conservatism does appeal.

The legacy of neo-nazi Pat Buchanan winning New Hampshire in 1996 is bad enough, we don't need the biggest anti-semite, and frankly anti-american candidate in decades to run in the Republican field to win Iowa. Ron Paul must be stopped at all costs, and though I prefer Romney, I'll take anyone over him.

What say you?


  1. I fully expect Paul to win Iowa. He has the best ground game there. Romney doesn't want to campaign too hard there because the chances of winning are so low that it would be an embarrassment if he loses after spending time and capital on it.

    Personally I don't believe Paul to be an anti-semite. Many of his followers, yes. But not him.