Monday, December 12, 2011

OWS's Brilliant Plan: Inflict Pain on the "99%" to Protest "1%"

The geniuses over at Occupy Wall Street should probably come up with a better plan than what they are doing today, which is trying to blockade some ports.  You see, the thing is that some of those supplies that you are marching through the street to stall would be going to needy patients in the hospital and people starving who need food.

But no, I should already know, you shall not be bothered with facts.  "To hell," you scream with your signs, "with the impoverished and the needy."  "To hell," you yell with your feet, "with people that need to do their job in order to be paid, in order to feed a family.  We are Occupy Wall Street and we will gut the 99% in order to show the imaginary 1% that their fake tyranny shall end!"

I'm sorry, but you do not represent me nor shall you ever.  You you will never represent the vast majority of Americans who go to work, do their jobs, and make an impact on society.
A protester tackling the very person they are supposed to represent
Well, that's my soapbox.  More from Sign on San Diego:
Five Occupy San Diego protesters were arrested downtown Monday morning as they took part in an effort to shut down the Port of San Diego, port authorities said.

About 80 people who had marched from Chicano Park to the Tenth Avenue Marine Port about 6:30 a.m. divided into groups and blocked entry at the north and south gates, Port of San Diego spokesman Ron Powell said.

Group organizers put the number of people participating at 150 to 200.

Police declared the group was an unlawful assembly and ordered it to disperse.
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