Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My New Hero - Six-Year-Old Spends Prize Winnings on Sick Children

Meet Aiden Moe.  He is a six-year-old little boy who lives in Bryant, North Dakota.  He won a cash prize of $1,000 recently and decided to use that money to buy pillow pets for sick children in Brookings Hospital.    Apparently little Aiden was a patient in that hospital at one time and while there he was given a pillow pet.  He decided that all the sick kids needed to have one too.  
This just warms my heart.  Most kids that age would want a new bike or video game system, but this little kid wanted to give back and help others.  At six he understands the true spirit of Christmas more than many adults do.  His proud mom said:
‘It makes me feel like I raised him well.’
I would say that she is 100% right and she did raise him well.  He is my new hero.

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