Thursday, December 15, 2011

Gary Johnson Joining Libertarian Party

Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson will announce later today that he will be joining the Libertarian Party, in order to seek their presidential nomination next year, after failing to register in almost every opinion poll since his entrance in the Republican sweepstakes earlier this year.

He has performed weakly due to Ron Paul's similar libertarian styled campaign platform, his barely existant campaign organization and the fact he appeals to such a small segment of primary votes, if opposing every social value conservatives hold dear is represented at all in the party.

I am no expert of libertarian politics, but I'm pretty sure Johnson enters with a pretty good chance of winning the nomination, especially if the 2008 Vice-Presidential nominee, Wayne Allyn Root, does not run and if he is embraced by the leaderhsip, which is likely considering he already has a national base, albeit small, but nevertheless.

What say you?

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