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Former Democrat PA Gov. Ed Rendell alleged involvement in Child Molestation ring cover-up

A "Joe Paterno Bill" making it a National Crime not to report Child Sex Abuse

BACKGROUND: My true story begins back in January 1977 while I was a troubled adolescent youth associating with other at-risk youth in the Center City area of Philadelphia. I was originally introduced to Mr Ed Savitz thru political election campaign social events on behalf of Ed Rendell for Philadelphia District Attorney. These political events were in the South Philly and the Center City area where I worked cleaning up tables and supporting local elected officials. At these political social events I was introduced to Ed Rendell and other local political types by Ed Savitz. These social political events were also a social magnet for wealthy politically connected pedophiles being introduced to unknowing adolescent boys working or socializing at these events. They were openly allowed to socially drink alcohol and unknowingly socialize with these various adult wealthy politically connected pedophiles. Initially Savitz pretended to mentor various boys purchasing alcohol for these various kids. Then while the kids were intoxicated, Savitz (who was subsequently convicted of child molestation and died in prison of AIDS), and other pedophile types attending these political social events, would fondle and sexually exploit these adolescent victims. He offered the intoxicated youth money and gifts in return for sexual acts. All of the warning red flags were up, but unfortunately ignored by many city officials including Philadelphia District Attorney Ed Rendell attending these political social events in the name of politics.

BACKGROND ON CHILD MOLESTOR ED SAVITZ: Edward Isadore Savitz (also known as Uncle Ed, Fast Eddie and Dr. Feel Good) (February 22, 1942 – March 27, 1993) was an American businessman who was arrested for paying thousands of young men for either engaging in anal and oral sex or for giving him dirty underwear and feces, which he kept in pizza boxes in his apartment. Ed Savitz was one of four sons by Russian immigrants Paul and Ann Gechman Savitz. The Savitzes ran an amusement arcade in downtown Philadelphia. Ed ranked first in his class of 278 students, and voted most likely to succeed. He won a full scholarship to study economics at the University of Pennsylvania, but dropped out after two years. His brother, Joseph, a lawyer who once served as a Deputy Pennsylvania Attorney - via

From Eric Dondero:

Greg Bucceroni contacted Pundit Press early this week, after being shunned by local media in the Philadelphia area.

Bucceroni is a former NJ police ofcr. and currently a youth crime ofcr. in Philadelphia. He explained to LR how he was a victim of convicted pedophile (deceased) Ed Savitz. He was molested on numerous occasions by Savitz sometimes in the presence of top Philadelphia politicians.

We interviewed Greg this morning:

ERIC: Greg, thank you for allowing Libertarian Republican to bring your story to a national audience. Can you tell us why it is that you decided to step forward at this time?

GREG: Well, with everything that is going on at Penn State right now. I just saw former governer Ed Rendell as a commentator on some TV news show. NBC or something. I forgot what it was. And this son-of-a-bitch is out there talking about how horrible the Penn State cover-up is. But he was part of a similar cover-up in the late 1970s, 1980s. He was the Joe Paterno. He was in the same position as Joe Paterno is right now. And just like how Penn State covered it all up, that son-of-a-bitch protected Savitz and the internal politics of the Philadelphia Democrat Party.

The reason I am stepping forward is that I don't want this happening to other young people who may get throwin into the same position I was as a youth.

ERIC: What do you hope will come of this?

GREG: I want to make it a crime to have knowledge of pedophile behavior and not doing anything about it. I want to push national legislation.

ERIC: This is all very brave of you to do this. Are you willing to name names?

GREG: Absolutely. In addition to that scumbag Rendell, there were other witnesses. They decided to look the other way, and throw those kids under the bus, because those pedophiles were wealthy politically-connected businessmen, who were extremely generous to the Philadelphia Democrat Party.

I am willing to name names. You wanna hear names of witnesses. Congressman Bob Brady (photo) who was a political committee person at the time. He is the Chairperson today for the Democrat Party in Philadelphia. He was the one who introduced me to Ed Savitz to be my mentor.

ERIC: Our readers are particularly interested in the politics of the whole situation. How has this affected your view of the Democrat Party?

GREG: I am disgusted with the whole Democrat machine in Philadelphia. I have left the Democrat party. I am a Republican now...

ERIC: Thank you Greg. God Bless. And we hope to have more interviews with you as this story develops in the coming weeks.

GREG: No problem. Contact me any time.

Bucceroni also told PP that he is planning to contact two Republican congressional offices in the Philadelphia area this week, former Eagles linebacker Rep. Jon Runyan who represents a district in South Jersey, and Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick (photos), to urge them to support such legislation.

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