Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Don't Drink the Dimock Water?

Mark Ruffalo: "There's just an enormous amount of hubris around this issue".

Truer words were never spoken.

Dimock Pennsylvania has seen its fair share of controversy over the past several years. Outside of the state of New York, it is ground zero in the fight over horizontal fracturing for natural gas found within the Marcellus Shale formation and it would appear to a casual observer that this fight is being brought to them without their consent or invitation.

Now they are fighting back. You may know that the EPA recently announced there was no health risks associated with well water that was allegedly contaminated by Cabot Oil and Gas during hydrofracking operations. This is supported by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, but this is not good enough for the anti-gas coalition in our midst who descended on Dimock today with much pomp, circumstance and media adulation.

But these celebrities aren't getting the welcome they expected. A local group with the moniker "Enough is Enough" is having their say.

I noted in a previous post that environmental lawyer and Binghamton Mayor Matthew T. Ryan has taken it upon himself to save the residents of Dimock from themselves and unilaterally offer free water (free for Dimock, not Binghamton) for life, if only has beneficence would be requested. He showed up today to make his case and the results speak for themselves.

Of course the good mayor did himself no favors by putting on his attorney hat and threatening lawsuits.

"I would suggest to your legal department that if you don't sign this agreement tonight that you're setting yourself up for a big lawsuit...Are you willing to take the chance that if they do get sick from that water, they're going to come back and say 'you had an opportunity to have clean water delivered?"

Had I been there, I would have suggested that Mayor Ryan shut his mouth, go home and start worrying about his own city. Luckily, Town Supervisor Matthew Neenan was there.

"You keep your nose in Binghamton. I'll give you that place, we'll worry about Dimock."

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  1. You had asked me earlier on another blog post of yours to email you if I had any inside info. There is no inside information; you have all the info necessary. You are seeing the true picture for what it is.

    The only people truly worried about Dimock are the environmentalists who don't want their "poster child" dropping out of the media's spotlight, politicians who want to use it to push their own anti-drill agendas, and the few who hoped to make a lot of money off their lawsuit.