Tuesday, December 27, 2011

BREAKING: GOP Candidate To Drop Out

UPDATE 2 (10:50 PM):

On second thought, smart move by Fox. They got folks who weren't going to watch the show tonight to tune in. I'm proof of that. But Gary Johnson? Really?

UPDATE (10:38 PM):

The candidate leaving the field is.... Gary Johnson. Oh. My. God. We knew this two weeks ago! There was five minutes of my life flushed down the drain.

Original Article:

Fox News reporter Shannon Bream, who is hosting On The Record tonight, tweeted before the show started tonight (20 minutes ago) that one of the seven remaining Republican candidates for President will drop out of the race tomorrow.

Considering Senator Santorum was interviewed by her last night and Jon Huntsman is on now, I have a solid gut feeling the candidate who is most likely to drop out will be Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann, if the speculation is correct and someone does indeed bow out sometime tomorrow.

I'm watching On The Record right now and will post updates as they occur.

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