Monday, December 12, 2011

Are You Ready for Occupy Wall Street 2?

Sounds like a horrible movie premise, I know. Still, it appears that with Occupy Wall Street falling apart at the seams, the group is attempting to build its flagging attendance. With much of the magic of free drugs, food, and sex seemingly wearing off both professional students and burnt out hippies, the movement appears to be in trouble.

So are you ready for Occupy Wall Street: the Sequel? I don't know what the secondary line would be, maybe something like: This time the food is not paid for or The Revenge of the Toilet. Not sure, but the group is still trying.

Except they're calling it a "reboot." And it's supposed to be coming soon-- too soon. On December 17th the group will attempt to reignite the class jealousy anew.

Not only that, but they're changing their tactics. Protesting in parks is too vulnerable to the "Man," so their new strategy is to outsmart him by protesting in other parks.

Over the last month we have seen a series of coordinated attacks on occupations across the nation in an attempt to stop the growth of a movement for social and economic justice. Outdoor space is a threat because it is a visible form of dissent– a visible challenge to the system, visibility that screams liberation.

Are they now a caricature of themselves?

And it's not like they're self-righteous as before-- of course not. Well... maybe still (from comment):

Martin Luther King would be proud of you. Mahatma Gandhi would be proud of you. John Lennon would be proud of you. I bet Archbishop Desmond Tutu is proud of you too.
I bet Mother Theresa would be proud of you too. I bet Lech Wałęsa is proud of you too. Henry David Thoreau is proud of you. SOLON The Lawmaker of Athens would be proud of you too.

Well, maybe not Lech Walesa.

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  1. They left che guevara off their "proud" list...morons...!!!!