Friday, November 04, 2011

White House Rejects Solyndra Subpoena; WH Says It's a "Fishing Expedition"

After the collapse of Solyndra, a solar company that received over $500,000,000 in loans from the Obama Administration, Republicans noted the unsettling amount of ties that the White House had with the defunct company.

Vice President Biden called on his advisers to hurry through the loan, President Obama toured the Solyndra plant in 2010, and the top executives of Solyndra donated heavily to then-candidate Obama in 2008.  President Bush rejected loaning the company money, saying that it was too risky, and even President Obama's advisors told him in person that the half-a-billion-dollar loan was "not ready for prime time."

The Obama Administration has stated repeatedly that it did nothing wrong and would "not have changed" what he did if he had the chance.  Mr. Obama has also said he has nothing to hide.  And yet, today the Obama Administration rejected a subpoena on the Solyndra loan it pushed for, possibly confirming that the President does indeed have something to hide.

Kathryn H. Ruemmler, counsel to the president, stated officially that the rejection was because the subpoena was a "significant intrusion" into what the President has done in the White House. Her argument, in part, is that Congress has no need to know what Mr. Obama does or why.

She continued, "There is no basis for such a broad request beyond a 'vast fishing expedition.'"

You can read the entire document below:
Letter from the White House Counsel 11 04 11

Why exactly the Administration would reject the subpoena, considering they have consistently stated that they want the "truth" to come out, can only be speculated.  While the official report says that the subpoena is too much to deal with, the White House knew it was coming and chose an odd time and an odd reason to say no.

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