Sunday, November 06, 2011

Video- "Occupy DC" Violently Raids Tea Party Summit, Injuring Many

Before the video starts, you should be aware that, unsurprisingly, the Occupy DC crowd drops a tremendous amount of f-bombs and an assortment of other expletives. If you are offended by this kind of language, do not watch. If you are offended by stupidity, you may receive an overdose after witnessing the blithering idiocy of the Occupy crowd:

Some screenshots. Occupy DC tries to break through door:
Protesters knock an older woman to the ground:
Another woman crouches after being attacked:
Occupiers punch, try to tackle older man:

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  1. If this is what the OWS and left views as a peaceful protest, then I now understand why they think Islam is the religion of peace. Obama is creating private sector jobs, the rich are not paying enough…. Errrr, War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery and Ignorance is Strength… we are coming home to the USSA! We are seeing Amerika, through the prophetic, (not to be confused with pathetic) eyes of the left. May heaven help us!

    PS.. sorry about the “heaven” inclusion as its so politically incorrect. After all, the Left, the Atheists, the Agnostics and OWS’ers are non-Prophet 501-C-hell organizations after all!

  2. I noticed that the three protestors who threw themselves onto some random passerby's car thinking he was a attendy of the tea party event are all of the same family.

    These three include 34 year old Heidi Sippel, her 13 year old son Landen Sippel and her pregnant 36 year old wife Brandy Sippel.

    I think that if they encouraged there 13 year old to jump on a moving car as a form of protest then it shows they are unfit parents and the boy and his unborn sibling should be taken away from these people who put them in danger.