Monday, November 14, 2011

The Verdict is In - Muslim Teacher Gets Back Pay and Legal Fees For Wanting a Month Off Instead of Preparing Students for SOL Exams

You may remember the story of  Safoorah Khan, a teacher who requested three weeks off in the middle of the school year to attend the Haj.  Her requests were denied three years running.  After the third denial she quit her job and filed a lawsuit with the EEOC for discriminatory practices based on her faith.

Eric Holder and the DOJ were more than willing to help this women with her lawsuit.  The verdict has come in.  Ms. Khan gets $75,000 in back pay, all of her legal fees and attorney fees will also be paid for by the school system.  The school system has also agreed to write into the employment guidelines about religious tolerance and giving time off for these types of events.

What many people are not mentioning is why the school system refused to give her the time off.  Ms. Khan taught third grade.  The time off she requested was in mid December.  What happens in January of the third grade?  The SOL exams.  The school system rightly felt that a substitute teacher a month before the exams would be very disruptive to the students studying for the exams, so the leave requested was denied.  It was not denied because she is Muslim.

She was not discriminated against.  She signed a contract that had nothing in it about taking extended leave of absences. They were legally not required to give her the time off.  Any teacher requesting leave a month before these major tests were given would have been denied.  This was never about her rights being violated, because they were not.  This was always about the Obama administration bending over backwards to give rights to "underprivileged" that don't exist for anyone else.

Ms. Khan was given special treatment, not equal protection.  The kids will just deal if another teacher decides to take time off during the testing period.  Oh well, many kids around the country are not up to standard on these tests anyway.  So I guess it makes no difference if Ms. Khan's classroom of children don't learn what they need to learn.  Just as long as Ms. Khan and other Muslims  get the special treatment that this justice department feels that they deserve, what's the difference if the kids get cheated?  It is all about fairness right?

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  1. Did you all have a good muslim killer day?

  2. Sorry, not a Liberal- didn't get the subtle intent there, because us conservatives aren't as good at nuance as you Lefties.

    What I came in here to mention was how appropriate the Chicago skool district named their accomplishment test- the SOL test, to find out how badly you're life will suck because of our teaching.