Saturday, November 05, 2011

Surprise: University Classes Held at Occupy Seattle

Leave it to the Left Coast to hold something like this. With the national Occupy protests waning in numbers and even receiving some critical attention from the media, it appears that their influence is declining. Even worse, the violence that has shaken Oakland and Denver has even gained the attention of some in the press.

For Occupy, times are not as fat as a month ago. Cold temperatures are draining 20ish hipsters from New York city and threatening every northern protest. As the winter months move on, this will likely thin the crowd out even further.

So, without a natural constituency to help the anti-capitalist protests, what is there to do? There was hiring of ringers to attend protests and now this.

Who would think that college professors would be out-of-touch leftists?

In Seattle, university professors have decided to spend state and federal tax dollars by holding their classes among the protests. Many of those protesting were formerly influenced by leftist ideas from college, and would be very impressionable.

And who would have guessed a union connection?

"We didn't talk about their particular strategies," said Strickland, who is the president of the American Federation of Teachers Seattle Local 1789. "I guess my impression is that these are people who are thoughtful. They certainly don't have all the answers. They make mistakes along the way. Does that mean they're ineffective or pointless? I don't think so."

Also not surprising? The non-sensical responses from the group:

"The problem with Seattle's protesters is that they get caught up in fighting what is. What they need to do right now is give an example of what can be," writer Paul Constant posted, later adding, "make your camp a destination that people want to visit. Making this whole thing a battle over a public space that nobody likes is embarrassing and it flies in the face of what the Occupy Wall Street protesters have created."

Your academic system at work.

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  1. Teachers from at least 7 of the Philadelphia area's universities are requiring students to attend and report on OWS.
    A quick look at the list of endorsers/supporters shows that teacher's unions are both financially and physically forcing our youth to be present in dangerous situations.
    How far will we allow teachers to push their ideology and influence?
    I'm wondering if you get a guaranteed A if you also get arrested?