Monday, November 07, 2011

Times: Romney Out of Touch

The New York Times has discovered the real Mitt Romney in a new article about a recent plane trip from Jacksonville, Florida to Boston, Massachusetts: he isn't exactly bubbling with outgoingness on a 1,100 mile trip between campaign stops.

Apparently, two passengers either suggested a way to save money in the health care system, or asked for a good restaurant to eat at in Boston, and Mr. Romney - exhausted and probably enjoying the only downtime of his day - basically did not respond to them and continued to read the USA Today and use his iPad.

Even though the Times belatedly admitted that "such reserved behavior seems commonplace among airline passengers," the central theme of the hit piece is that Mr. Romney has no excuse whatsoever, because he's running for President, and he must be out of touch, or failing to be in touch. All because he's acting like just about everyone else in coach.

This is another problem with American voters today - they need their leaders to be "in touch" with them, and be open, compassionate, and someone you would want to have a beer with. When, really, all we need is the right person who will get the job done competently. We don't need an everyman in the White House, we just need the right one.

This Times article is obviously an attempt to paint Romney as out of touch, and some of their readers bought it - posting comments like he doesn't understand the 99%, blah, blah, blah - but they need to come up with anything better than him brushing off some passengers during a flight in coach.

What say you?

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