Sunday, November 06, 2011

Rev Wright on Obama: "Who have you become?"

Reverend Wright has faded into the background of the political process. Despite coming into quite a lot of prominence in the 2008 race, his role as being Barack Obama's spiritual mentor was conveniently withdrawn by the media.

Now, in the aftermath of the election, it appears that Obama's association with the racist minister may have not even existed. Instead, the evidence of Wright's explosive past are no longer readily available on cable news.

But Reverend Wright is offended by the lack of attention. Not by the media. Not that the coverage isn't positive. He's rather offended by the fact that the one person that he believed he had the attention of was no longer at his ear: Barack Obama.

Rather, according to Wright, Obama has become a totally different person. He gave an interview with the far left Truth Out to anti-war author Chris Hedges. Forgive the fact that the interview is a month and a half old, but Wright has even posted a link to the original piece on his own website.

Fast forward to the end of the interview. Wright is electric in his zeal against Obama's order to kill Osama bin Laden.
We have international courts. We have trials like the Nuremberg trials. Why did you murder him? Why not put him on trial? And I sat up in the middle of the night, about 10 days later, with the answer. I said, because you didn’t want him to talk. If he starts talking on the stand everything comes unraveled. We will have to look at the Cheney war machine. A trial would rip to shreds the lies we have been telling ourselves and our American public. We can’t afford that, so we murder him. We murder him and call it justice. That one really hurt. I said to myself, this is the Barack you once knew who cared enough about humankind to work in Altgeld Gardens with the poor, to not run against an African-American female, who now calls for a professional Navy SEAL assassination, a hit, and watches it. It’s like that story you heard your dad preach and you know from seminary in Acts, where the demons said to the seven sons of Sceva, Jesus I know and Paul I know, but who are you? Who have you become?
Of course, Wright's racist spectacles, when sparsely covered by the media was seen as a horrible act. According to Hedges:
Wright has become something of an expert on the commercial media since he was psychologically lynched by them.
And far from the portrait that the media painted of Obama barely knowing his minister for decades, Wright is far more forthcoming, as mentioned by Hedges:
Wright, who perhaps knows Obama better than nearly any other person in the country, sees a man who sold his principles for the chimera and illusion of power.
Meanwhile, to Wright, Obama is just a pawn to the big bankers and big business. He states that Obama changed mightily thanks to his election, which was actually due to the unseen hand of the capitalists. Throughout his quote, it appears to have an anti-Semitic taste:
President Obama was selected before he was elected,” Wright said, “and he is accountable to those who selected him. Why do you think Wall Street got the break? Why do you think the big three [financial institutions] were bailed out? Those were the ones who selected him. We didn’t select him.

And Wright even calls Obama naive! Before he got elected to the Senate. In fact, Wright proclaims Obama's great integrity because he based one of the most important political choices of his life on race:
I don’t know whether or not Carol Moseley Braun is going to run again. I will not run against an African-American woman.’ And I’m saying to myself, what manner of man is this? I know guys who would run against their own mama. You will not run against an African-American female? To have that kind of integrity was awesome to me. He changed. That’s unfortunate.”
Furthermore, Obama's policy was not anti-Israel enough for the pastor, either:
In November and December of 2008 during the ethnic cleansing of Gaza one of the news media persons put a microphone in front of Barack’s face and asked him what do you think about what’s going on in Gaza? He said, ‘We can’t have but one president at a time.’
Why didn't the media explore this, again?

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  1. America hating, Jew hating, bigots. Wright and Obama are made for each other.

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