Saturday, November 26, 2011

OWS Protester to SC Governor: I Will Murder You

Angry over the arrest of 19 Occupy Columbia (South Carolina) protesters last week, 26-year-old Nathan Shafer took to Facebook to voice his anger. He went to South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley's page and saw that she had written a post on the First Amendment.

Awash in rage, he posted, "I hope someone murders you before I do. How's that for freedom of speech?"
The next day, law enforcement officials contacted Shafer to discuss his inflammatory statements. Shafer defended what he said, but apologized to the governor's family and deleted the comment.

Unsurprisingly, the death threat against the governor was not made "all better" by Shafer's apology and he was subsequently arrested. However, Shafer stands by his death threat. "I just think the whole situation is completely ridiculous and blown out of proportion," he stated.

Update- Thanks to Breitbart for the link.

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  1. What now, you little punk? Mommy gonna bail you out? Here is a pathetic example of what ails this country.