Friday, November 25, 2011

Occupy LA Eviction

Occupy Los Angeles appears to be on the fast track to dissolution. According to the city, the group will be evicted on Monday, November 28. This comes after the city has been particularly lenient with the protesters, including giving land for them to complain in.

Still, the Mayor has had enough-- and is closing the encampment down while kissing its ass:

“The movement has awakened the country’s conscience. It has given voice to those who have not been heard,” the mayor said. “I am proud of the fact that this has been a peaceful, nonviolent protest. It has been peaceful because we decided to do things differently in Los Angeles, not stare each other down across barricades and barbed wire.”

The impending end of Occupy L.A.’s stay outside City Hall — one of the last of the movement’s major encampments — may signal the end of a phase of the protests that has been characterized by large camps in parks and public spaces.

Good riddance.

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