Sunday, November 13, 2011

Just When You Think the Left Can't Lower Itself Further

You then find out that Bill Press actually uttered these words:
“I wonder what Herman Cain’s supporters say about what happens in Penn State, because he happens to be a conservative politician Republican running for president.” “You can’t touch him, but the media can go after Sandusky… what’s the difference? There’s no difference, really.”
Now,  if Herman Cain is indeed guilty of the charges leveled against him by Ms. Bialek, that was assault.  Ms. Bialek, a grown women, never went to police or in any way attempted to press charges against Mr. Cain.  By her own admission when she asked Cain to stop he did.

Sandusky set up a "charitable" organization for at risk boys so he could have a pool of boys to choose which one he would rape on any given day.  Do you think that Sandusky stopped when his victims asked him to?

Yeah, I would say there is a difference.

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