Thursday, November 17, 2011

Interview with Energy Citizens

Pundit Press is proud to present interview number 44 in our ongoing series. Today, we interview Renee of the group Energy Citizens. Energy Citizens is trying to forge a cheaper, more plentiful tomorrow for American energy. We thank her and the group for taking time to be part of this interview.

1. When and why was Energy Citizens created?

Energy Citizens was first created in 2009 to help Americans who support American jobs and American families—and American energy production—learn more, raise awareness, and be heard in support of balanced energy policies. Energy Citizens is supported by the American Petroleum Institute, but comprises real, hard-working Americans who are committed to finding real-world solutions to our nation’s energy challenges. The Energy Citizens site and our Facebook page are forums for people who want to learn more, share their concerns, and demand more from their leaders to support American energy development.

2. What is the most pressing energy issue for the average American?

Right now, we believe the most pressing energy issue for the average American is jobs and that can be helped by increasing access to our own vast natural energy resources. Whether it is increased offshore drilling, natural gas extraction via hydraulic fracturing, or contending with burdensome regulations that hold back our own energy development, Energy Citizens support taking steps to support sensible public policy solutions so that we can safely develop resources and improve America’s energy security.

3. How is EC getting the word out?

Energy Citizens, working together, are getting the word out about energy issues. We tell our friends about issues, meet together, and also stand up for energy at public hearings. For example, right now in New York, public hearings are scheduled for November 16 and 17, as well as November 29 and 30 to discuss the DEC report that supports regulated hydraulic fracturing in the state. Energy Citizens will stand together at these hearings and support hydraulic fracturing in the state, which would create jobs, bring much-needed revenue to the state government, and strengthen New York’s—and America’s—energy security.

4. Anti-fracking is a very fashionable position today. How would someone counteract that?

The most important factor in counteracting the anti-fracking sentiment is the facts. There is much hype around these issues, but when you look behind the hype, you can find serious facts that support the practice. Here are some links to some of our blogs on the issue:

5. What does the next twenty years of American energy look like?

We think the next 20 years of American energy will rely heavily on developing the potential of our domestic resources we have yet to fully realize. Projects like the Keystone XL pipeline and efforts like hydraulic fracturing for oil in North Dakota or shale gas in the Northeastern United States will help us take great strides in achieving American energy security. Renewable resources will be of great importance too and in order to truly achieve energy security for all Americans, an all-of-the-above approach to energy production will be necessary.

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