Saturday, November 05, 2011

Gingrich's Time to Shine

Since this Republican marathon began in late Spring, we have witnessed the rise and fall of Bachmann, Perry, and now possibly Cain if the press remains this negative for too long, while Mitt Romney has remained strong at 25%, and Newt Gingrich has performed awesomely at the debates. I think if the trend of rise and fall holds with Cain - Gingrich will finally shine.

Tonight's modified Lincoln-Douglas debate between Cain and Gingrich could do more to shape the race than anything that has come out of the media thus far, because both the crowd in Houston and viewers watching from home (C-SPAN 8:00 PM), will finally be able to see substantive answers to difficult questions for once.

And considering the master of debates and knowledge will have uninterrupted time to not only promote his own solutions, but to evaluate his opponents, could very well turn this debate into a Newt slug fest - if Cain cannot hold his own and that's debatable. Will Cain be able to adjust from thirty/sixty second soundbites to minutes long answers? His talk radio experience says yes, but his previous debate performances say no.....

Regardless, if Cain is able to hold off Gingrich and perform well, then he will likely stand the test of time and be Romney's central opposition during the primaries, but if Gingrich is able to dispatch Cain on substance, it is very likely the former Speaker could become this cycle's comeback kid.

What say you?

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