Friday, November 11, 2011

The Gingrich Surge

The official start of the Gingrich surge has commenced and the former House Speaker is likely on his way to the first-tier, whether Cain declines or not, setting up the possibility of a prolonged three-way battle for the nomination, which is either good or bad news - depending on who you support.

Gingrich's rise from obscurity begins with his consistently good debate performances and ends with his always fascinating policy prescriptions, especially his focus on reigning in activist judges - something our country could definitely use right now, with our courts literally deciding what rights we don't and do have every day.

He has taken over the third position in most polls for the past couple of weeks, and whenever someone loses votes today - Cain or Perry - he usually picks them up rather quickly.

Which brings us to the primary battle (set to begin in just 60 days), where Gingrich will likely perform well in Florida, and South Carolina - possibly knocking off Cain, or handing both states to Romney by splitting the dominant Not-Romney vote that has refused to settle behind one candidate for very long. But he can be the victor just as easily as the spoiler in both reaches of Dixie.

I don't know what's going to happen in our soon-to-be-held primary battle, but the rise of Newt will be a factor in deciding who the next Republican nominee for President is, and could even be him.

What say you?

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