Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Compilation: Dumbest Occupy Wall Street Tweets

Honestly, finding stupid things said by Occupy Wall Street is like trying to find a leaf in the forest.  They're everywhere, so in a way my job is pretty easy.  However, I still took the liberty to find the extra-dumb comments made by supporters of OWS.

So, without further ado...

This doesn't make sense:
Hey, this socialism stuff sounds pretty awesome:
Democracy and/or capitalism are going down:
Obligatory antisemetic rambling:
Don't forget to try to tie the Tea Party to terrorism, even though you have no proof:
Try to tie the Second Amendment, the First Amendment, atheism, and the GOP together:
And there's nothing like quoting a Founding Father out of context and applying modern meanings to 200-year-old words:
But I thought they wanted to work within the system:
Police=child rapists=Hitler:

After reading these, I think I need a shower.

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