Sunday, November 13, 2011

100 People Meet for "Anarchist General Assembly" in Preparation for Occupy Portland Eviction

My similes are running out for how stupid these morons are:
About 100 people gathered tonight in Southeast Portland for an event announced on a flier as the "Anarchist General Assembly," described by leaders of the meeting as a planning session for tonight's eviction of Occupy Portland from downtown parks.

Participants affirmed goals of standing witness to police actions during closure of the parks and using "diversionary" tactics to pull police from the downtown area.

Most people at the assembly said they would be leaving weapons at home in the face of high numbers of police downtown tonight, though they discussed using "a diversity of tactics" that might include using physical violence.

They met for three hours in the dining hall of St. Francis Catholic Church near Southeast Pine Street and 12th Avenue.
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