Friday, October 28, 2011

What Do You Know, Catholic University has Crosses and Pictures of Jesus on Campus

Who would have thunk it.  A private Catholic university has pictures of Jesus and crucifixes on campus.  Gee, what a surprise.  But apparently this appears to be a surprise to some Muslim students who feel the university is not doing enough to provide them a place to pray that doesn't have catholic symbols.  

I am a strong and fervent believer in the right to practice your faith.  People should feel free to pray in this country.  We were, in part, founded on this tradition.  These students want to pray, then have at it.  But, do they really have to attend a Catholic University?  

Catholic University is a private institution.  Therefore, it is under no obligation to take down any symbols of their faith.  Period.  End of story.  But of course some activist Muslims are trying to file a lawsuit to force the university to give them a room to pray in that doesn't contain any of the symbols of the faith that is practiced by them.  

This is about getting special treatment.  Not equal treatment, which is what our country is based upon.  If a Jewish student were to go to Catholic University the same would be true.  The same for a fundamentalist Christian, who does not believe in using the image of Christ.  If you are going to be a student of this school you must accept the traditions and the use of the symbols of which created the school.  Obviously they are not discriminating against anyone as they will accept students regardless of religious affiliation.  Although, they would be not breaking any laws if they did.  

The Constitution only guarantees that the government does not discriminate based on religion.  It has no jurisdiction for a private institution.  Private institutions are free to discriminate as they so choose.  

I have an idea, if you don't like crosses and pictures of Jesus at your college, go elsewhere.  

Watch an interesting debate on the topic here.  

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  1. I am not going to applaud Catholics; for profaning Christ.

  2. Then, Mr. McGranor you are free not to attend that university.

    Don't expect to go there and for them to become something they are not.