Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Stick a Fork in Rick Perry

The relatively short, dawdling Presidential campaign of Texas Governor Rick Perry is now over. He has messed up so many debates and potential openings that his quest for the Presidency is now over. Kaput. Done. Finished. His bickering with Mitt Romney was so poor... that it even made Romney look good, which is not the easiest thing to do.

Perry's campaign is reminiscent of Fred Thompson's in 2007, except much worse. Thompson's campaign was a parachute that never opened. Perry's is one that fell off his back.

The main issue is who Perry should endorse. He obviously doesn't get along with Mitt Romney and Cain seems to dislike him, as well. Bachmann would be a logical choice, except her Gardasil attacks helped bring Perry down.

Perry's attack on immigration was both lackluster and pointedly pointless. His desperation was obvious and was even booed by the crowd. He must have been told by his campaign coach to be more aggressive, and rather than seeming Presidential, he seemed beyond inarticulate.

Goodbye Rick Perry. You've done a good job in Texas, where you'll stay.

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  1. This was his best debate performance... and it was still bad