Monday, October 10, 2011

Romney Attacked From Both Sides

The Democratic National Committee and Republican candidates for President can agree on one thing: Mitt Romney is the front-runner to win the Presidential election next year.

Why else would both be attacking him so aggressively?

Democrats launched the website "Which Mitt" in an attempt to label him a flip-flopper, and Rick Perry's new web ad is attacking him for being the co-author of ObamaCare. Both were launched this morning against the former Massachusetts Governor and current GOP front-runner.

I think this will help him with Independents, because he can campaign on being attacked from the left and the right for his record, and it exposes a cold hard fact that most are unwilling to admit: he's currently on track to win both the nomination and general election. The Romney campaign is striking back, but I think they should wait until the Bloomberg debate and destroy the flip-flopping charges once and for all.

What say you?

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