Sunday, October 23, 2011

Poll: OWS Disproportionately Young, White, Liberal, and Educated

I'm shocked, just shocked!  Not really:
OWS ran a survey on their website earlier this month. Over 1,600 people responded and OWS asked Hector R. Cordero-Guzman of CUNY to analyze the data. He prepared this paper which turns the data into tables. He concludes his analysis by saying “our data suggest that the 99% movement comes from and looks like the 99%.” However a brief look at the data shows that’s not really true.

Nevertheless, Cordero-Guzman’s claim was trumpeted by the OWS website (along with the fact that 70% of respondents self-identified as independents). However a closer look at the tables shows that OWS isn’t really all that representative. For starters, 81.3% are white and just 1.3% are black. By comparison whites make up just 66% of the US population and blacks make up 12.4%.
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