Thursday, October 27, 2011

Perry Opposes Confederate License Plates

Presidential candidates from the old Confederacy have always had to work harder than non-southern folks because of the historical stigma that remains from the days of slavery and segregation. Just look at the short political soul searching by Haley Barbour earlier this year and the stories that came out from the media.

Well, this time the candidate (Perry) himself is bringing up controversy by opposing vanity license plates that would honor the old Confederacy and raise money to place markers on the graves of Confederate veterans. While this issue has been ranging in Texas for months, the national media has remained silent, but now it isn't.

With both national (Wall Street Journal), and state (Statesman) media covering the Perry position, this story has exploded across the internet, which should help Perry's image among voters who saw him as a cowboy, but it could very well alienate voters in the southern primaries, especially South Carolina, which has a similar licence plate.

So what say you - did Perry make the right decision to stand against these license plates before the media got ahold of the story, or did he allow his presidential ambitions stand in the way of freedom of speech and pride?

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