Friday, October 28, 2011

OWS Protester Threatens to "Stab Reporter in Throat" (With Video)

Early Friday morning Fox News NY Reporter John Huddy was threatened by an Occupy Wall Street protester, who rushed at him, tearing at his microphone. After the fray, the man told Huddy that he would "stab him in the throat," and then brandished a pen.

Huddy then was talked to by other Occupy Wall Street protesters, who seemed to take the crazed person's side. While the reporter was talking with these people, the assailant kept loudly mumbling, "I have a meeting with Bloomberg." He then wandered towards the news camera, blankly staring at it for a moment.
The assailant, staring at the camera
The man then fled, but was arrested by the NYPD shortly after.

This is just another incident in what is becoming a hefty list of violence related with the Occupy Wall Street movement. Earlier this month, an NYPD officer was tackled by a protester, while cars and buildings were burned in Rome by OWS members.
The assailant arrested
Fox News NY also had a report of their own, including video of the aftermath.  You can watch it below:

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  1. These delinquents are the lumpen-proletarian kind--of socialist lore.