Saturday, October 29, 2011

Opposing Democrats Is Not Treason

Watching some comments stream out of Capitol Hill these days are very depressing, especially when they treat legislative dissent and opposition as impediments to our democratic-republic, rather then successes. I think the Democratic response to Republicans opposing the President's "jobs bill" is exhibit a.

Congressional Democrats are treating opposition to the "jobs bill" as near treasonous, accusing Republicans of placing politics over country, even though it's country that has shaped the parties. Despise it as they may, we have two major national parties to represent the two major national ideologies - and considering they are not designed to agree on much, conflict is inevitable.

And then you take into account the stimulus bill that was passed in early 2009. House and Senate Democrats passed that bill without input from congressional Republicans and the results were undesirable: unemployment increased when it was supposed to decrease; the national debt soared and it became a fruit basket of waste.

So why would we pass another stimulus bill that has the exact same prescription - only this time with taxes on the wealthy.

Democrats should learn something from this: dissent is not treasonous and, of course, it shouldn't have to be said, but those who repeat failure (stimulus) are only bound to fail (jobs bill) again.

What say you?

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