Monday, October 17, 2011

Occupy Media

The Occupy Wall Street crowd has been clogging up the news cycle for five weeks now, even though they have no stated mission - other then blaming Wall Street for all their ills - or stated solution to said ills - other then redistributing the wealth - and reflect the various leftwing grassroots that have been silenced since early 2009.

I don't understand the media's infatuation with the Occupy Wall Street crowd, because they make liberals, and their allies in Congress, look bad. Voters are having flashbacks to the 1960's and I'm waiting for one of the Republican candidates to bring Richard Nixon's "law and order" campaign ads, and memos, back to life.

But that hasn't stopped "journalists" from touting the Occupy crowd 24/7 in all forms of media - print, radio, web and cable - with glee unseen since January 2009. Apparently, thousands of college kids occupying any parcel of land near Wall Street gets the media going, even though the Communist Party and Nazi's approve.

As someone who appreciates media in all forms and outlets, this has really been surprising to me - I did not realize the absolute desperation of liberal media types until these demonstrations started because their news coverage has reflected pure liberal activism.

I usually don't write this, but to my fellow bloggers: Ride right through them; they're demoralized as hell!

What say you?

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  1. we need a free energy movement like the tea party that focus on zero point energy and cold fusion technologies.