Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The New Democratic Party

You know I am almost starting to feel sorry for democrats in this country.  Now, hear me out.  I have been saying for a long time now that the democratic party has been overrun with far left nuts.  Most of the die hard left of center Kennedy democrats have been in denial.  I have a regular reader to my blog that seems like a level-headed guy who happens to be left of center.  Occasionally we even agree on things, although we disagree on how to fix the problem.  But, he is still convinced that President Obama is left of center.  Now, I have explained to him that in some respects he has governed from the left of center position (which I don't really agree with), but that his heart is firmly in the far left loon part of the party.  Obama can't govern from the far left, the country won't accept it. 

But, the veil is coming off and the picture certainly is not pretty.  We have the occupiers in New York (poopstock as Gateway Pundit has affectionately named it) chanting bizarre statements such as having sex with animals is OK, pooping on police cars, having sex out in the open, drugs galore, and causing damage to the businesses surrounding the park.  The "official" website has to be scrubbed on a regular basis to remove the anti-Semitic rants and the people were actually told to stop listing demands until the lawyers told them what to say.  They have proven themselves unable to think for themselves and even have had the nerve to complain about the "freeloaders". 

This is the new Democratic Party.  The party of JFK is long gone and if he were alive today I firmly believe he would be a moderate Republican.  He believed in a strong national defense and lowered taxes while he was at it.  He never apologized for the wealth that his family had, nor should he have.  Of course one could make a very compelling argument on how Joe Sr. made that money with underhanded tactics, but that is not really the point.  The family had money and was never made to feel ashamed of it.  There was a time in this country that we looked at people with wealth and thought to ourselves, maybe that can me one day if I work hard. 

Today, we are witnessing the younger generation sitting in a stinky park demanding that someone else give them their hard earned money.  They cry foul to the wealth of a few (oddly, they only marched on right leaning rich people, the left leaning rich were left alone on their little tour they took today) while they sit in park using their I-Pads and I-Phones complaining about their college loan bills.  All the while the students of today are demanding more and more services from Universities; such as granite counter tops and private bathrooms, and wonder why the tuition rates have increased.  Gee, I wonder why? 

They demand from the 1%, all at the same time complaining that the homeless (truly the least among them) are taking advantage of the food and drugs that are flowing freely in their stink tent city.  They don't even stop and see that the very things that they are demanding from the government for themselves is the entire reason that our country is going broke. 

They see no relation from their demands and the problems in Greece.  Even the French and Germans are sick to death of the Greeks saying they don't need to work a few years longer before accepting retirement packages that are tax payer funded.  They yell and scream about how the GOP are getting in the way of "green" jobs but can't seem to bring themselves to make the connection to Solyranda and the billions that President Obama has wasted.  Money that could have gone to really help the poor. 

They live in a world of entitlement.  Give me.  I deserve more.  That guy over there has more than me.  I want my stuff for nothing.  I want $20 per hour even if I don't work.  I want free health care.  The guy that lives in that big building over there can afford to pay for it. 

The people who are sitting out on the streets across the country are not looking for to make life more "fair", they are looking for what they can get for themselves.  They are not interested in helping this young women who has found herself homeless after losing her job.  This is the what the party has come to.  A class warfare mentality that will be the destruction of this great nation. 

These are the protesters that Nanny Pelosi and Uncle Obammy think are just fine.  The hard working people of the tea party who just want to cut the spending so our children and grandchildren have a chance to fulfill their American Dream are the problem.

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