Monday, October 24, 2011

Memo to Romney: Ending Perry

Since the entrance of Texas Governor Rick Perry in the 2012 Republican primary battle, we have witnessed the scorched earth conflict between himself and former Governor Mitt Romney draw blood again, again, and again. However, the one death blow that could eliminate Perry has still yet to be used.

Governor Romney has used his combined record of impressive private and public sector service as a way to differentiate himself from Herman Cain's lack of government experience, and Perry's two decade career in it, but he needs to go one step further when challenging Perry's record, because there is blood to be spilled and a campaign to kill.

During the next economic themed debate, which will probably be held soon, when the discussion turns again to job creation and Perry touts the success of Texas, Romney should once again tout his decades of work in our capitalistic system, but this time make one more big point: whenever he has sought public office, and lost, he always returned to business, while turning to Perry and asking him what he will do when his career ends, if it ever does.

The Texas Governor would be so disjointed by the bold question that his few hopes of regaining his thunder will implode explosively.

With Herman Cain hurting his own campaign by just doing interviews, Romney needs to focus on his still top opponent, at least financially, and hope the combined destruction of his latest competitors finally lifts his name to the top of every one's list, even if it be begrudgingly.

What say you?

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