Sunday, October 30, 2011

Huntsman Sr: Son Would Win Election in China

Jon Huntsman's father really supports his candidacy for the White House, but he might have expressed his opinion just a little too enthusiastically to Deseret News when saying "if he were running for President of China, he would have already won the election," while making a point about his low name recognition in this country.

This is a problem for many reasons, including the fact China doesn't allow its people to vote, but particularly because you have to be a member of the Communist Party; elected by the Communist Party and trusted by, of course, the Communist Party in order to even be considered for the presidency, which is figurehead in the nation.

I'm pretty sure Huntsman's father, who is one of the most charitable people in our country, wasn't implying his son was a beloved figure in communist circles, but it definitely doesn't help a campaign struggling to gain traction by suggesting it would win in one of the most oppressive nation's on earth by a political system that rivals the Soviets.

What say you?

P.S. - This is why I keep writing about Huntsman's campaign, even though it has already died, because of the entertainment value and because we could all use a "don't try this at home" course for potential candidates to the White House in the future....

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